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Browse Associate’s Degree Programs

The Associate’s Degree is a 2-year degree program that is granted at community colleges, trade schools, and many other educational institutions. It is equivalent to the first 2-years of study of a Bachelor’s degree programs, and many students that earn associate degrees go on to apply those credits to a bachelor degree.

Arts and Humanities

Programs in the liberal arts and humanities cover a wide variety of topics that develop the knowledge and creativity of students. Students can go for an all around education with a General Studies program, or get more in depth with degrees like Design, Communications, Fashion, History, Music, Political Science, Religion, and Writing.


Healthcare training provides students with very specific knowledge and skills that usually leads directly to career placement. Popular healthcare programs include Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Transcription, Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapy, and Psychology.

Information Technology and Computers

In the modern information economy, skilled information technology professionals are highly prized and well paid. An associate degree can help you enter this field. Most desired programs include Computer Engineering, Computer Security, Databases, Engineering, Engineering Management, Graphics and Multimedia, Information Systems, Information Technology, Networks, Programming, Software Engineering, Web Design, and Web Development.


People who can understand the fundamentals of business and effectively manage a company, organizers workers, and maximize profits are essential to any industry. To launch a business career, the following degrees are popular choices: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Communications, Business Leadership, eCommerce, Economics, Finance, Hotel and Hospitality, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Real Estate, Risk Management, and Small Business Management.

Criminal Justice and Social Sciences

Students of criminal justice and social sciences go on to have very fulfilling careers that contribute a great deal to the betterment of society. Popular degree options include Counseling, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Human Services, Legal Studies, Paralegal, Public Administration, and Sociology.

Education and Teaching

Teachers and educators play an extremely important role in the development and education of children and adults. These careers are highly engaging and the work is very rewarding. In demand courses of study include Adult Education, Early Childhood Education, General Education, K-12 Education, and Special Education.