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About Us

Associate’sDegree.org compiles associate’s degree programs in a variety of educational fields across schools, colleges and universities nationwide, for quick and easy information gathering and comparison. We strive to be a comprehensive, intuitive resource for students seeking information about their next educational move, their next career path, or a particular education subject.

Associate’sDegree.org is owned and published by EduSearch Network, a nationwide database of career colleges and schools that offer accredited career training in a variety of fields. AssociatesDegree.org provides a detailed look specifically at associate’s degree programs, to allow students to make informed decisions when it comes to two-year education programs.

How to Use the Associate’s Degree Directory

There are two main ways to research associate’s degree programs using this site:

1) Browse by Subject. Starting from our homepage, use our directory of programs to narrow down the field you wish to study. Once you’ve found the subject you’re interested in, explore the list of programs under that subject to see which ones are in your area. You may quickly request more information about each program directly from school representatives in order to make your decision. It is recommended that you compare at least two to three schools to get a sense of your options.

2) Search by Zip. Throughout the site there are search boxes that allow you to search by zip code to quickly see what programs are available in your area. Once you can see the schools available near you, simply browse the list to see what subject areas you may be interested in. Requesting information from schools is the same as above. Again, comparing at least two to three programs is recommended.

Contacting EduSearch

EduSearch is located in Los Angeles, CA.

We can be contacted by email and welcome any feedback concerning corrections to the information published on this site.