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Web Development Associate’s Degree Programs

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  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Publisher

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An associate’s degree in Web Development is available to you online if you wish to join the constantly changing and growing field of the Internet. Websites have changed drastically since the 1990s when they were first introduced and they are available to the majority of people who own home computers. The Internet has become a way to do everything we do offline: communicate, sell, buy and a myriad of other applications.

Within the marketplace of the Internet, electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is at the crux of most online businesses. Most businesses, whether retail or wholesale conduct their business dealings online. Therefore, the web developer must lay the groundwork for a business to succeed. Of course, non-profit organizations also use the Internet and search engine websites also dominate the World Wide Web.

To develop a good-looking and functional website, a web developer must understand the needs of a consumer (if it is a business) and must be creative in order to build one. Developing websites requires that the developer understand programs, software and hardware, and complex systems.

For example, web development includes:

  • Programming specific components,
  • Developing compelling content for the website,
  • Choosing and maintaining software,
  • Assuring that the business is running correctly, and
  • Ensuring that all processes are up and running efficaciously

A web developer may work with web designers and database administrators in order to maintain an active website. A qualified web developer creates interactive components of a website.

Once you graduate from an effective curriculum in Web Development, you will be available to work for other companies immediately. Some of this work will entail:

  • Actualizing a concept from design to publishing a website,
  • Ensuring that content and data is available on the website,
  • Explaining the website to office administration,
  • Making sure other company personnel know how to run the website efficiently, and
  • Maintaining the website so that it can be upgraded to suit the needs of the website owner.

Website development is an important part of Internet commerce and advancement. If you are detail-oriented, are able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, then website development can be a career for you to consider.

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