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Software Engineering Associate’s Degree Programs

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  • Software Developer
  • Computer Programmer

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If you want to enter the fascinating world of software engineering, then obtaining an associate’s degree in software engineering will provide the groundwork for you. There are basic guidelines that are required for people who want to become software engineers, which have been written by the ACM (Association for Computer Machinery). If after finishing your two-year program, you wish to enter a Bachelor’s degree program, you will be allowed to do so by following the coursework guidelines.

An associate’s degree curriculum will contain the following courses that you must pass in order to graduate:

  • Informational architecture
  • Computer technology
  • Networks and databases
  • Designing programs

In order to graduate successfully from a software engineering associate’s program, you will need to have sufficient proficiency in a specific area of computer science or technology. The curriculum varies from program to program but most online programs in software engineering apply the theory you have learned within the classroom to everyday situations which will arise when you become a software engineer.

The curriculum will include:

  • Architecture of software
  • Risk management
  • Practical applications

Even though working online is often an autonomous exercise, there are programs that will allow you to work with other students via teleconferencing such as Skype. You may attend science, engineering or math courses within these programs. In addition, you must have some knowledge of computer programming in order to write and maintain code.

The core courses of a software engineering program include, but are not limited to:

  • Program Design
  • Network Security
  • Software Design
  • Maintaining Databases and Networks
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Advanced Computer Programming

Once you have taken these core courses, you may choose to earn some credits by taking elective courses. The choice is yours and when you finish an accredited online associate’s program in software engineering, you will be equipped with a practical degree that will give you the opportunity to work anywhere that needs experienced software engineers.

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