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  • Networking Specialist
  • Systems Analyst

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Networks are an indispensable part of any organization which uses computers in their everyday functions. Companies have large budgets for network managers who can maintain their network to work at peak efficiency.

Any computer networking, by definition, is the connection of two or more computers that share information. It can be accomplished between computers at home, in an organization or even on an international basis. The biggest example of a network would be the Internet because people share resources with each other daily and with literally millions of computers.

Networking has given us the opportunity to work at home; we can use videoconferencing software to communicate with each other. You can share software or any applications quickly and efficiently. Networking obviously has its problems when hackers are constantly trying to break into organizational files. This data is stolen and sometimes even used for nefarious purposes.

Computer networks are the crux of any well-run organization. Therefore, people who specialize in networking are constantly being asked to protect data, whether it be individual or institutional. One of the most important jobs within an information technology department is the network manager. For this reason, graduates who specialize in network maintenance will always be in high demand.

Whether running on a LAN (local area network) or a WAN (wide area network), computer networks work in those two environments. The networks can involve small business or even large corporations within our federal government. Every part of our society is touched by networks as we depend on them daily.

Simply stated, the networking specialist’s job is to support the network. However, the complex inner workings of a network cannot be understated. Businesses could not run without databases and networks. For example, a grocery store or supermarket needs to maintain a computer network to keep up with the inventory. The networking manager keeps the software and hardware running efficiently, and constantly ensures that the system is secure from problems and will plan for solutions, if necessary.

An associate’s degree in networking will prepare a student to solve problems within a network and support the technical end. A background in technical knowledge is key for the network administrator. If you are interested in the fascinating field of networking, there are a myriad of programs online that will help you achieve your objectives. Make sure that the networking program that you choose is accredited, so that if you want to continue studying beyond your associate’s degree, you will be able to transfer credits easily.

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