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Graphics & Multimedia Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Graphic Designer
  • Desktop Publisher

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These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Since most companies are progressively becoming more computer-centered, graphics and graphics design graduates are very much in demand. The traditional materials of a graphic designer such as a protractor, T-square, rulers and stencils are being displaced by computer programs that can solve these problems within milliseconds. However, the graphic designer has not been completely replaced, he or she must just adapt to the technology that is utilized within the medium.

Obviously, projects that lasted for weeks or even months, such as setting typeface and letter presses, can be created very quickly by drafting software that is called Computer Aided Drawing or CAD. Graphic designers now have the ability to format text and numbers, photographs, chart work, desktop publishing in a fraction of the time.

Video and audio editing is also an important tool of the graphic designer, which now gives them even more marketability as they graduate with even more software skills. Multimedia encompasses a great deal of this which includes:

  • Design
  • Typography
  • Video and audio production
  • Animation
  • Many other forms of media

These graphic and multimedia designers utilize new and exciting media of digital applications for many reasons. Some of the applications that a graphic and multimedia designer use are:

  • Designing and layout
  • Designing multimedia program while integrating images and text
  • Using CAD to design programs
  • Utilizing desktop publishing
  • Engineering and implementation of sound
  • Designing video games and animation
  • Editing digital video and audio
  • Designing web sites

Graduates from multimedia and graphic designer programs will notice beforehand that curricula varies from institution to institution. An associate’s degree in graphic design and multimedia will give the graduate the opportunity to utilize multimedia technology in a variety of sectors, both in the entertainment industry and within the private sector. Companies are in constant need of qualified graphic designing and multimedia professionals to design a website, for example.

Multimedia’s influence on our society is definitely great. Fine art is no longer created with paint and sculpturing materials but with digital video equipment and PowerPoint presentations. The I-Phone, for example, utilizes hundred of applications that are designed by these professionals. There will not be a shortage of jobs in the graphic design and multimedia sector in the near future. If you are passionate about this exciting field, an associate’s degree is a wonderful launching board.

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