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Engineering Management Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Project Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Engineering Manager

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An associate’s degree program in engineering management usually accommodates work in engineering systems and management, in addition to a practicum where a student will study individually or in a cooperative group on a research project.  The associate’s degree engineering management curriculum is separated among research within the classroom and study outside the classroom setting. An associate’s degree program will generate graduates who are ready to create new and original analysis of engineering as a whole.

The research component of the curriculum of an engineering management degree is composed of preparing theses and research studies.  The other courses are comprised of engineering, research methodology and business classes.

The requisites for an associate’s degree in engineering management are very extensive in scope, which authorizes only certain classes within a specific subject rather than a program of study that is usually seen in most undergraduate curricula.

Classes in engineering include systems engineering and applied math.  Most curricula in engineering management have as their prerequisites certain technical framework in engineering and classroom applications within the specific types of engineering.  The management part of the program includes studying law, project management, finance and marketing.

An associate’s degree program is normally formatted as a seminar where all students and instructors collaborate; it is more of a student-centered atmosphere rather than the professor lecturing throughout the class.  The number of classes a graduate takes depends upon the specific range of interest they are willing to pursue.  In other words, a good program in engineering management may interest someone to pursue a career in project management where another may wish to major in manufacturing management.  Innovative technology ideas usually stem from these courses and graduates are often persuaded to study in this realm so that when they graduate, they will have an excellent background in engineering management.

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