K-12 Education Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Teacher
  • Teacher’s Aid

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These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An associate’s degree in K-12 education concentrates on teaching students within the age ranges of five and eighteen. School districts usually make divisions and today, most of them are separated as follows:

  1. Kindergarten through fifth grade
  2. Sixth through eighth grade
  3. Ninth through twelfth grade

There are exceptions to the rule, where primary schools end in the sixth grade or middle schools consist of only eighth grade. You will find that there are many different configurations of a K-12 education.

A degree in K-12 Education gives you the opportunity to teach students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. After two years of an associate’s degree, you may want to continue your studies and transfer your credits to an accredited online school. You may want to specialize your teaching such as becoming a social studies, mathematics, foreign language or general sciences teacher.

There are many different methodologies for teaching students of these ages. A good online program will incorporate ideas of general guidance and psychology in addition to your core subjects. Although you do often work on your own, K-12 educators must be prepared to work as a team in many schools. There are many situations within a school that demand teachers of the same grade level, for example, to meet. You also should be prepared to work with guidance counselors, administration (principals and vice-principals, usually) and child study teams.

Although all states require educators in a public school setting to earn a Bachelor’s degree, your associate’s degree can open up beginning opportunities within a private school or other educational environment.

The associate’s degree program in K through 12 encompasses courses that will ready you for a career as a teacher’s aide. There are literally endless careers that you can choose when you graduate, whether you prefer working with special needs children or just working as an aide in a seventh grade classroom. Seasoned teachers welcome aides to help them with paperwork, setting up a classroom for a special assignment or even teaching briefly while the teacher is present. Even though it has its complexities, you will definitely find a career in K-12 education very rewarding.

K-12 Education Associate’s Degree Programs Enrolling Now

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