Adult Education Associate's Degree Programs

Adult Education Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Adult Educator
  • Literacy Teacher
  • Self-Improvement Teacher

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These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Most adult education encompasses teaching adults a variety of subjects in many different places such as colleges or universities or even small groups within a company setting. People who teach adults may even work one on one with their students.

Adult educators usually have some work experience in a certain field of expertise. The degree gives them an opportunity to use their skills and impart them to their students. Obviously, you should love to teach adults and have strong people skills to become an educator. Administration and management of grades is often an important aspect of teaching, so learning statistics is a good idea.

Classes in adult education give information on how to deal with adult psychology, program development and planning and adult development. Your courses must be informational but they also should be interesting. Lesson planning is an essential part of any adult education curriculum.

An associate’s degree in adult education will give you the opportunity to work in a graduate setting with people who are interested in the subject you are teaching. If you have been in the economics field, for example, you might want to teach microeconomics to adults.

Training and adult education graduates are very much in demand. Companies emphasize training within the workplace so that workers do not have to miss work and also, it gives workers incentive to grow within their organizations.

An associate’s degree in adult education are usually focused on vocational education. Adult vocational educators often start with an associate’s degree and then widen their interests when they get more experience and may pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Most schools require at least a Bachelor’s degree for people who want to pursue a career in adult education, which means that after taking an associate’s degree for two years, you can transfer your credits from an accredited program and study a Bachelor’s degree.

Adult Education Associate’s Degree Programs Enrolling Now

Lincoln College of New England

Lincoln College of New England offers a number of things you would expect from a traditional 4-year college – quality academics, a wide selection of career-focused programs and a well-seasoned faculty. But we offer something even more amazing than that: a personal approach that focuses on your individual success as a student.

This personalized focus has been the hallmark of our success. Our limited class sizes and dedicated college instructors make this student-centered approach possible. It’s what truly sets us apart from other colleges – and what helps give our Lincoln graduates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You can choose from a variety of undergraduate degree programs within the fields of Health Sciences, Business, Communications, Hospitality, and more. All of our Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees, and Certificate programs offer in-depth curriculums that will prepare you to be amazing in the career field of your choice. Plus, you’ll enjoy flexible class schedules and the option of on-campus housing. Whichever campus or program you select, you can count on going far with the career-skills, confidence and credentials you can only get from Lincoln College of new England!

Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Programs vary by campus.

  • Southington
  • Communications

Berks Technical Institute

Flexible Programs at BTI

At BTI, we understand that not everyone can take classes during the day. Many of our students have hectic work schedules, families to care for or both. If you need a career training program with evening classes or even online options, our flexible ASB/AST Degree and Diploma programs are a great place to start. (Please Note: Some classes may not be offered in the evening. )

Who Should Consider Our Flexible Program Options?

If you’re employed or a parent, our flexible ASB/AST Degree and Diploma programs are a great way to earn your credential while making a living and taking care of your family. Learn more below.

Our evening courses are great for Parents

If you’re a parent, you know how hectic life can get. Often the evenings are the only times you can get anything accomplished. At Berks Technical Institute, we want to help you succeed and the time of day doesn’t matter. In the mornings, in the afternoon, or in the evenings, we want to be here to help you.

  • Wyomissing
  • Early Childhood Education - Associate in Specialized Business