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International Business Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • International Banking Associate
  • Business Cultural Adviser

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Job Growth


These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As the call for international business graduates continues to broaden its scope, the international economy grows with the demand. If you choose to pursue a degree in international business and have good business school credentials, you will become a valuable asset in the field of international business.

We Americans are constantly trying to keep up with the international economy and therefore, must study even harder than ever to compete with our equals in an ever-increasing global marketplace. For example, most of the European market demands that their workers be at least bilingual, if not multilingual. As Americans, our outlook has always been more isolated which makes competing and dealing with our counterparts all the more difficult. Therefore, when studying an international business curriculum, it would behoove you to study other languages, as they will put you ahead of the pack of your American competition.

An accredited associate’s degree in international business will prepare you to take on other international companies within the global marketplace. A solid curriculum will include the ever-changing markets and learning the necessary tools to deal with our international consumers.

Even for an entry-level career, any international business school must have accredited graduates in order to compete. The value of an advanced degree cannot be understated when dealing with other countries. These countries view any degree past the high school level as a desire on your part to succeed. You must learn multicultural values and be sensitive to cultural mores if you want to continue working in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Online degrees are available for those international business students who may work full time in other companies, perhaps even companies that work with an international clientele. The courses in an accredited curriculum include: