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Hotel & Hospitality Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Hotel Clerk
  • Concierge
  • Hotel Manager

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These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The business of hotel and hospitality management is the largest business in the entire world and remains the primary source of profit for the majority of nations. An associate’s degree encompasses many of the positions in the industry and can help you greatly in seeking a career in hotel and hospitality management.

Mostly, the industry is separated into several factions: hospitality, tourism management and travel education. Many people choose the industry because of their desire to travel. However, all the jobs in the hotel and hospital industry all retain one commonality: the joy that one obtains by helping clients enjoy their vacations or making business travelers at ease.

The more academic training you have in the industry, the higher you will move up within a leisure-related corporation. You may not be required to obtain an advanced degree, which makes it perfect for those who wish to study hotel and hospitality management online.

There are many different forms of degrees in the hospitality industry. Practical experience can be an excellent way to prepare yourself as you study. As you study, however, you might find that you are suited for a different area in the hospitality industry than first thought. Your special skills will indicate what type of position is right for you. People who are already working in the travel industry may also choose to study online. The courses blend the development of your skills with managerial theory in order to emphasize your most marketable skill sets. .

Associate degrees in hotel and hospitality management

Associate degrees in business management can prepare you for your studies in hospitality and tourism management. There are more specially designed programs, like Associate of Science degrees in Hotel and Hospitality Management, which can accomodate you for a career in the travel-related industries.

Studies that are more advanced will prepare you for careers in:

  • Management of Clubs and Casinos
  • Food Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Convention and Event Planning Management

If you decide you want to become a hotel manager, for instance, you will be accountable for creating a home environment for business travelers and travelers. You will be responsible for the day-to-day operations for the staff, contingent upon the company’s guidelines or even to the executives if you are working for a hotel chain. This is not a 40-hour a week career, since you’ll need to have many responsibilities such as:

  • fielding customers’ complaints
  • making sure the premises are up to industry standards
  • training and hire employees
  • keeping the hotel stocked with supplies
  • keeping abreast of the marketing plan
  • overseeing accounting

If you feel you have an aptitude for dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and are organized and can communicate with people easily, you may be well-suited for this career path. Acting under pressure, managing on a personal level with your employees and keeping yourself stress-free can be key to maintaining your enjoyment in the industry.

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