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Applied Management Associate’s Degree Programs

Career Options

  • Small Business Manager
  • Specialty Operations Manager

Expected Salary


Job Growth


These projections are estimates based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

An applied management associate’s degree curriculum is planned in order to provide students the necessary skills to keep an office running smoothly. In order to keep up with industry demands, the degree emphasizes computer technology and its various applications. The graduate of an accredited associate’s degree program in applied management will learn:

  • Time management skills
  • Interoffice communications
  • Team-building functions

About Applied Management Training & Careers

A degree in applied management may suit you if you know you would like to work somewhere in a management capacity but are not sure which one. Many businesses accept applied management program graduates in order to maintain efficient offices.

Graduates of Applied Management associate’s degree programs can work in a variety of support positions. If you know you want to work in an administrative management field, but are not certain in which capacity, a degree in Applied Management may fit your needs.

Graduates will have enough managerial skills after completing an associate’s degree to oversee:

  • Payroll operations
  • Office management
  • Interoffice and intra-office communication
  • Patterns within the accounting department

The job outlook is good for office managers; however, the more management skill you acquire, the better the chance you will obtain a position within an organization.

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